07 February 2012

Sram clip

Breve video del gruppo Sram Red 2012 (imperdibile!)

Sram clip

Circa 1.700 grammi di leggerezza e consistenza: leve in fibra di carbonio più lunghe di un centimetro, freni in lega leggera aero, pedivelle in fibra di carbonio “hollow” (cave) con vite a scomparsa integrata nella pedivella, nuovo deragliatore Yaw. Si noti nelle immagini il nuovo Power meter Quarq, più leggero e accurato nelle misurazioni, prezzo al pubblico (Quarq solo) circa 1.700 euro, differenze di Bb a parte.


About Power meter Quarq 

A lighter, more accurate power meter completely integrated with the philosophy and performance of Sram Red. Advances in technology and performance paired with unrivaled ease-of-use. The sleek new geometry reduces system weight and delivers clearance for oversized frames and aerodynamic chainrings. The only visible power component is the low profile, all aluminum battery case. New stress flow lifts accuracy to +/- 1.5% and makes power measurement independent from chainring selection. Integrated electronics minimize interconnections and reduce exposure to the elements, bringing unmatched durability and reliability.

• Power Balance and Ant+ give you compatibility, fl exibility and every available metric

• Ant+ Id is clearly visible to aid pairing and operation

• Led indicator signals power on and setting zero

• Tool-less, user-replaceable battery is a cycling industry standard CR2032

• OmniCal: TT chainrings can be fi tted without recalibration

• Rain, mud and snow; the waterproof design will survive the worst conditions. 


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